Progress Around The World

  I just came across this post from Cruelty Free International, detailing all their progress that is being made around the world for cosmetics testing. Please do give it a read. I think you will agree, these are all positive …Continue reading →

Leaping Bunny And The EU Marketing Ban

  Leaping Bunny certification is very much still relevant, even since the EU marketing ban came into force in 2013. I have recently been in discussion about this, and upon researching the matter, have discovered that many people query whether …Continue reading →

BUAV Is Now Cruelty Free International

    In June 2015, the BUAV officially morphed into Cruelty Free International. The change is in name only, as they continue to fight for animals who are suffering in laboratories around the world. The reason for the name change …Continue reading →

Waitrose Is Leaping Bunny Certified

It’s about time I posted the wonderful news that on 31st March 2015, Waitrose was awarded Leaping Bunny certification for all their own brand products. As you would expect, this includes their toiletries and personal care products. A great addition …Continue reading →

Morrisons Are Now Leaping Bunny Certified

Today is a great day for animals and cruelty free consumers in the UK! It has been announced through the BUAV and Cruelty Free International that Morrisons are now Leaping Bunny certified! This means that all their own brand personal …Continue reading →

My Uncertainty About Naturewatch

I just added a footnote update on one of my old posts, but I thought the information was important enough to have a post of its own for anyone looking into things a bit deeper. Read on for the reasons …Continue reading →

Cruelty Free International Takes On The World

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to post, what with life getting in the way, but what better reason to get back into it than to spread the word as Cruelty Free International takes on the world! …Continue reading →

Cruelty Free International

It’s sad to think that animal testing for cosmetics and ingredients is still allowed in over 80% of the world. Ridiculous, especially as there are many alternatives that are more reliable, cheaper, and more relevant to humans and how we …Continue reading →

Stop The Badger Cull

My posts so far have revolved around animal testing for human products, but sadly there is much more cruelty to animals that’s going on all around us. One such instance is the badger cull here in the UK, instigated by …Continue reading →

Cruelty Free Online Shops

Sometimes it’s not easy to get your hands on the product you want. Not every town has a shop that stocks a good range of cruelty free products. And let’s face it, there’s always a better selection online than on …Continue reading →

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